San Francisco Dungeon

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The San Francisco Dungeon
San Francisco Dungeon (15087536933).jpg
LocationFisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California, USA
Coordinates37°48′30″N 122°24′53″W / 37.80823°N 122.41479°W / 37.80823; -122.41479Coordinates: 37°48′30″N 122°24′53″W / 37.80823°N 122.41479°W / 37.80823; -122.41479
OwnerMerlin Entertainments

The San Francisco Dungeon is a tourist attraction which recreates historical events using 360° sets, special effects, and live actors. Visitors walk through the Dungeon, and are guided through each show by professional actors. The attraction also contains a dark boat ride.

The San Francisco Dungeon was opened in June 2014,[1] following the success of its European counterparts which include the London Dungeon and the Amsterdam Dungeon. The Dungeons are owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments.

Shows & Rides[edit]

Shows and rides include:[2]

  • The Descent- visitors descend into the Dungeon in an old mine shaft elevator and meet businessman Colonel Jack Gamble
  • Gold Rush Greed- a re-enactment of the clash between the natives and the new settlers on the American frontier in 1848
  • Lost Mines of Sutter's Mill- visitors search the maze of mines for any remaining gold
  • Streets of San Francisco- visitors meet gang The Hounds and their leader Sam Roberts down Kearny Street
  • The Court of San Francisco- a re-enactment of an old San Francisco courtroom where visitors are interrogated by former mayor and judge "Mad Meade"
  • Miss Piggott's Saloon- recreation of an old drinking saloon featuring Miss Piggott and Shanghai Kelly
  • Shanghai Kelly's Boat Ride- boat ride through the back waterways to learn about the lives of those who were sold to work as sailors
  • Chinatown Plague- recreation of the streets of San Francisco during the Black Death epidemic in 1900
  • The Ghosts of Alcatraz- recreation of the Alcatraz military prison during the 1800s