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Coordinates: 37°47′27.58″N 122°26′43.72″W / 37.7909944°N 122.4454778°W / 37.7909944; -122.4454778

San Francisco University High School
San Francisco, California
Type Private,
Established 1973, Opened 1975
Principal Julia Russell Eells
Faculty 66
Enrollment 410
Average class size 15 students
Student to teacher ratio 25:1
Campus Urban
Color(s) Red, White
Athletics 12 sports
Mascot Red Devils
Newspaper Devil's Advocate

San Franciso University High School is a college preparatory high school located in San Francisco, California. The school was established in 1973.

Mission Statement[edit]

"University High School welcomes students of demonstrated motivation and ability to engage in an education that fosters responsibility and the spirited pursuit of knowledge. We are a school where adults believe in the promise of every student, and together we work to build and sustain a community of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talents. UHS challenges each individual to live a life of integrity, inquiry, and purpose larger than the self."


The median GPA at University is 3.54 with a grading scale of A–F, including plus or minus. In order to graduate, students must take two years of art (including the mandatory Western Civilization course in their sophomore year), four years of English, three years of a foreign language (with Mandarin, French, Spanish, and Latin offered), two years of History excluding Western Civilization, three years of Mathematics, and two years of Science in addition to Community Service Learning requirements.[1] In 2012, the school began implementing its mentoring program, which supports ninth-grade students as they navigate their first year of high school.

Facilities and Campus[edit]

The school is made up of four buildings, commonly referred to as Upper, Middle, Lower, and South campuses.

Upper Campus is the oldest and most historic part of campus. It was first used to house the Katherine Delmar Burke School, a girls' school, from the early part of the 20th century until 1975, when the building was sold to the newly created University High School. It houses the History and English Departments, College Counseling offices, and administrative offices. Middle Campus, connected to Upper Campus by a bridge, houses the school library; the small 40-seat theater; the student center and cafeteria; state-of-the-art science labs; music rooms, including an electronic music recording room; and the Summerbridge program, UHS's pioneer program to help talented students from local public middle schools obtain the resources they might not have access to in their current schools. Lower Campus is home to the Math and Science Departments. It also holds the fitness center, changing rooms, gym, and athletic offices. Indoor sports are played at the gym, while field sports are mainly played at fields in the nearby Presidio. South Campus, which opened in the 2006–2007 school year, is the home of the Foreign Language Department and the Art Department. Additionally, South Campus contains a language lab, a large photography studio and darkroom, and art studios.

Notable Alumni[edit]

Graduates in the 40 classes of alumni of University High School have made significant contributions and received recognition for outstanding achievements in a variety of fields, including the performing and visual arts, education, literature, medicine, law, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. The names below are only a few of the distinguished alumni in many different occupational areas to be found in a more up-to-date directory prepared by the Alumni Director on the website.


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