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San Francisco de Dos Ríos District, the sixth "distrito" of San José Canton, Costa Rica, is one of the administrative units surrounding San José downtown (officially composed by the districts of El Carmen, Merced, Hospital and Catedral). The district is primarily residential and industrial. It's also famous for the numerous motels between its boundaries.

Geography and Demography[edit]

San Francisco de Dos Ríos lies on the south-east of the canton, between Curridabat and Desamparados cantons (bordering them to the east and to the south respectively) and between the districts of San Sebastián and Zapote (bordering them also to the west and to the north respectively).[1] The district had 2.68 km² and 23,854 inhabitants on December 31, 2008 (8,900.75 inhabitants per km².)[2]

District Information[edit]

San Francisco de Dos Ríos district includes the "barrios" (or neighbourhoods) of Ahogados (part of it), Camelias, Cinco Esquinas, Coopeguaria, El Bosque, El Faro, Fátima, Hispano, San Marino Sur, I Griega, La Cabaña, Lincoln, Lomas de San Francisco, Maalot, Méndez, Pacífica, San Francisco de Dos Ríos (center), Sauces, Saucitos and Zurquí.


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Coordinates: 9°55′00″N 84°03′00″W / 9.91667°N 84.05°W / 9.91667; -84.05