San Gaetano Church, Padua

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Facade of San Gaetano, Padua

The Church of San Gaetano is found in the central district of Padua, and its facade was designed by the late Renaissance architect Vincenzo Scamozzi.

The church was constructed from 1574 to 1586, under the direction of the Theatines, an order founded by Saint Gaetan of Thiene and favored by cardinal Pietro Carafa, who became Pope Paul IV. It was built on the site of an old church dedicated to Saint Francesco Piccolo. The internal area is octagonal, and richly decorated by polychrome marble. The interior contains a stone icon work by Andrea Briosco and the Cappella del Santo Sepolcro.

The adjacent 17th century monastery has been converted into a modern museum and cultural center.


Coordinates: 45°24′30″N 11°52′54″E / 45.4083°N 11.8817°E / 45.4083; 11.8817