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San Geronimo Valley (colloquially known as "The Valley" by citizens of West Marin) is a valley in Marin County, California, composed of four unincorporated towns: Woodacre, San Geronimo, Forest Knolls, and Lagunitas. Residents of San Geronimo Valley and surrounding areas refer to it as "The Valley." It is a fairly close-knit community, with a rather liberal citizenry. The farther west, the more forested the land becomes. The valley is bisected by Sir Francis Drake Boulevard; a number of streets in the towns along this road were constructed on the former right of way of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad. The valley has numerous hiking/biking trails. Most of the valley's residents reside on the south side of the valley, which is the shadier side.

The San Geronimo Valley derives its name from the San Geronimo Ranch, established by Adolph Mailliard and Ann Eliza Ward in 1868, where they bred thoroughbred horses, including the famous stallion Monday who sired most of the race horses in California.[1]

It is part of the Lagunitas School District, unique in that it operates three alternative elementary programs and a traditional middle school program on two connected campuses with one superintendent (Larry Enos), one principal (Christian Francis), and one school board (Denise Santa Cruz-Bohmani, Stephanie O'Brien, Steve Rebscher, Christopher Sabec, and Richard Sloan). Each elementary program: Open Classroom, Montessori, and Waldorf-Inspired, has its own unique philosophy and pedagogical methods, all working within the framework of the California professional and academic standards. Each program involves parent participation to some degree.

The main businesses in the Valley are the Woodacre Market and Deli, Video West and the Little Store in Forest Knolls, and the Lagunitas Store, though there are numerous others. Woodacre is home to: Spirit Rock Meditation Center, which is dedicated to the teachings of Buddha and Vipasanna mediation; Dickson Ranch, and the Marin County Fire Department Headquarters. San Geronimo Valley is also home to the Lagunitas Watershed in which some of the last remaining coho salmon spawn. San Geronimo is home to the San Geronimo Valley Community Center which plans community events and is home to the local food bank. The center is attached to Lagunitas School District.


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