San Giacomo dell'Orio, Venice

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San Giacomo dell'Orio in Venice
General view of the interior of the church.

The Chiesa di San Giacomo dall'Orio (or San Giacomo Apostolo - Saint James the Apostle) is a church located in the sestiere (quarter) of Santa Croce in Venice, northern Italy.

The origin of the church's name is unknown. Possibilities include being named after a laurel (lauro) that once stood nearby, a version of dal Rio ("of the river"), or once standing on an area of dried-up swamp (luprio). It was founded in the 9th century and rebuilt in 1225. The campanile dates from this period. There have been a number of rebuildings since that time (including a major renovation in 1532) and the ship's keel roof dates from the 14th century. Two of the columns were brought back from the Fourth Crusade, after the sacking of Constantinople.

San Giacomo dall'Orio is a parish church of the Vicariate of San Polo-Santa Croce-Dorsoduro. The other churches in the parish are the churches of San Stae and San Zan Degolà.

Works of art[edit]

  • Francesco Bassano (Madonna in Glory and St John the Baptist preaching in the new sacristy, the latter including portraits of Bassano's family and Titian)
  • Lorenzo Lotto (Madonna and Four Saints, the altarpiece of the high altar)
  • Palma il Giovane (Mystery of the Eucharist covering the walls and part of the ceiling of the old sacristy; two scenes from the Life of St Laurence in the north transept)
  • Paolo Veneziano (painted Crucifix hanging in front of the high altar (attributed))
  • Veronese (Sts Laurence, Jerome and Prosper, altarpiece in the north transept; Allegory of Faith and The Doctors of the Church on the ceiling of the new sacristy (both by Veronese's workshop))


Coordinates: 45°26′24.48″N 12°19′38.65″E / 45.4401333°N 12.3274028°E / 45.4401333; 12.3274028