San Giovanni Elemosinario

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Church of San Giovanni Elemosinario
San Giovanni Elemosinario (Venice).jpg
Entrance and bell tower
San Giovanni Elemosinario is located in Venice
San Giovanni Elemosinario
Shown within Venice
San Giovanni Elemosinario is located in Italy
San Giovanni Elemosinario
San Giovanni Elemosinario (Italy)
Basic information
Location Venice, Italy
Geographic coordinates Coordinates: 45°26′19.57″N 12°20′2.09″E / 45.4387694°N 12.3339139°E / 45.4387694; 12.3339139
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Province Venice
Architectural description
Architect(s) Antonio Abbondi
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Renaissance
Completed 16th Century

San Giovanni Elemosinario is a church of Venice, northern Italy, dedicated to Saint John the Almsgiver.

St. John the Almsgiver, by Titian.

This church was founded in 1071, and was completely destroyed by the disastrous Rialto fire in 1514. The church was rebuilt by Antonio Abbondi called Scarpagnino. The painter Antonio Vassilacchi worked here in the 16th century. Nestled into the dense area near the Rialto Market (with your back to the Bridge on the San Polo side, turn left just past the flea market booths; the entrance will be through the frescoed arch behind iron gates on your left).

The altarpiece on the high altar depicts St. John the Almsgiver (1545-1550) by Titian; the right apse chapel houses Saints Catherine, Sebastian and Roch (c. 1533) by il Pordenone.


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