San Giuseppe (Milan)

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Church of Saint Joseph
(Chiesa di San Giuseppe)
8298 Milano - San Giuseppe - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto - 14-Apr-2007.jpg
Façade of the church.
Basic information
Location Milan, Italy
Geographic coordinates Coordinates: 45°28′06″N 9°11′20″E / 45.46833°N 9.18889°E / 45.46833; 9.18889
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Province Milan
Country Italy
Status Active
Architectural description
Architect(s) Francesco Maria Richini
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Baroque
Groundbreaking 1607
Completed 1630

San Giuseppe is a Baroque-style Roman Catholic church in Milan, region of Lombardy, Italy.

Construction was begun in 1607 and completed in 1630. The architect was Francesco Maria Richini.[1] The right side of the church overlooks Via Andegari, after a family with this name. It seems that the title of the street comes from the name of a family known as the "Andegardi" or "undegardi".


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