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Front of the Cathedral.
View of the buttresses.

The San Isidro Cathedral is located in the city of San Isidro, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is at 16200th Del Libertador Avenue, opposite "Plaza Mitre" or "Plaza de San Isidro" in San Isidro's historic quarter.


Built on the site of a 1706 chapel opened by the city's founder, Captain Domingo de Acassuso, the cathedral was designed by French architects Dunant and Paquin, and inaugurated on July 14, 1898.


Constructed in neogothic style, it stands 68 m (223 ft) tall. Its base is a Latin cross. Its walls are built from materials like rock and bricks, and it has stained glass windows. In the last 3 years some architects started a plan to remodel it, with the objective of bringing back its original splendor. The project was finalized in 2007.

San Isidro fest[edit]

Isidore the Labourer festival is celebrated on 15 May each year.

Interesting places nearby the Cathedral[edit]

Artisan fair[edit]

San Isidro artisan fair.

Nearly 100 metres in front of the cathedral is located the Plaza de San Isidro, and on it, is the San Isidro artisan fair since 1971. This fair has 100 stands, where people can buy leather, wood, textile, metal and ceramic products.

The "San Isidro Artisan Fair" is oldest in the Buenos Aires Province.

San Isidro station[edit]

200 m. off the cathedral is the San Isidro railway station, of the rail transport company Tren de la Costa. This station includes a trade center, cinema and restaurants among other things.

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