San Joaquín de Flores

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San Joaquín de Flores is located in Heredia province, Flores Canton, in Costa Rica. The town of San Joaquín de Flores is named after Saint Joachim, Mary's father.

Communities and settlements[edit]

San Joaquín de Flores District is further divided into smaller units called poblados (or communities) and barrios (or neighborhoods):

  • Santa Marta
  • Santísima Trinidad
  • Santa Cecilia
  • Llorente
  • Barrantes
  • Las Flores
  • Los Ángeles
  • Los Geranios
  • Echeverría
  • El Rosario
  • Cristo Rey
  • Corazón de Jesús

Important buildings[edit]

San Joaquin Church
Plaza Llorente San Joaquin

San Joaquín church was built about 1880. Every rock that is part of the church was carried from Cartago by cart, 87 km away along the current national Route 225. Families of San Joaquín donated the statues that today decorate the church gardens. The Spanish painter Jose Claro—who also made paintings for a church in San Antonio de Prado, near Medellín, Colombia—painted the images inside the church. It has also a cavern with a Lourdes Virgin and armchairs made of stone to sit down and view the garden flowers.

The official San Joaquin primary school is Escuela Estados Unidos de America

Liceo Regional de Flores and Colegio Tecnico are the two public high schools located in San Joaquin.


Coordinates: 10°00′12″N 84°09′05″W / 10.0033°N 84.1514°W / 10.0033; -84.1514