San Joaquin City, California

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San Joaquin City
Former settlement
CA Historical Landmark 777 San Joaquin City Tracy CA.JPG
Country United States
State California
County San Joaquin County
Reference no. 777[1]

San Joaquin City, a former settlement in San Joaquin County, California during the California Gold Rush.[2] The site of San Joaquin City, was located on the west bank of the San Joaquin River just below the point where Airport Way (formerly Durham Ferry Road) crosses the river today. It was an important settlement along the old River Road (now Kasson Road in San Joaquin County) between Banta and Grayson's Ferry (now the community of Grayson in Stanislaus County.[3]


San Joaquin City was a river town established in 1849. Pioneers and freight wagons following post roads to the southern mines crossed the San Joaquin River nearby at Durham's Ferry, and as a terminal for riverboats, the town played an important part in development of the west side of San Joaquin Valley grain farming and cattle raising.

The site of the former city is located opposite 31167 Kasson Road, in Tracy, California. It was marked by California Historical Landmark 777. The fifty-pound, bronze plaque is missing from this monument. The family residing across the street reported its disappearance to the County Sheriff in October, 2005, according to Jake Armstrong reporting in the 9 June 2007 edition of the Stockton Record. According to the Record, "the agencies whose names are emblazoned on the face of the plaque - the California State Park Commission and the San Joaquin County Historical Society - did not know it was even missing or who is responsible for maintaining it."[4]

According to the California Office of Historic Preservation, California Historical Landmark plaques are paid for by county, city, and private historical societies and sometimes interested individuals.


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