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The Ford Motor Company San Jose Assembly Plant was the automaker's primary Northern California manufacturing site after World War II, replacing the Richmond Assembly facility. The plant was located in what is now Milpitas, California, United States. Numerous vehicles were produced at the plant including the Ford Falcon, Ford Maverick and Ford Mustang. It was also the manufacturing location for the West coast of the Ford Fairlane, Ford Torino, Ford Pinto, Ford Escort and the short lived Edsel Ranger and Edsel Pacer. Mercury products such as the Mustang-based Cougar, Montego, Comet, Bobcat, Capri and the Lynx were also assembled there. Ford F-series trucks were produced there, nearly from inception of the plant until its closure in 1984.

The plant closed in 1984 and reopened as a mall in 1994, the Great Mall of the Bay Area. It was one of the first plants in the nation where the term "automation" originated because most of the assembly line was interlinked and did not depend on human control.

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