San Jose BioCenter

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San Jose BioCenter
Formation 2004; 13 years ago (2004)
Type Business incubator
Parent organization
San Jose Redevelopment Agency

The San Jose BioCenter is a business incubator formed as a university foundation in 2004 and focused on the initiation and development of technology companies, with an emphasis on the life sciences industry.[1][2] The BioCenter emerged from San Jose State University in an effort to revitalize an industrial area of San Jose, California.[1] As of 2012, the BioCenter had thirty-five member (assisted) companies and twelve affiliate (supporting) companies.[1][2] In addition to office space, the BioCenter provides wet laboratory facilities to member companies.[1][3]

Awards and recognition[edit]

The BioCenter was awarded in 2009 two "incubator of the year" awards from the National Business Incubation Association.[4]


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