San Juan, Intibucá

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For other uses, see San Juan.
San Juan
San Juan is located in Honduras
San Juan
San Juan
Location in Honduras
Coordinates: 14°24′N 88°25′W / 14.400°N 88.417°W / 14.400; -88.417
Country Honduras
Department Intibucá
Founded 1747
 • Total 177 km2 (68 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total 13,887
 • Density 78/km2 (200/sq mi)

San Juan, Intibucá lies in the western highlands of Honduras between Gracias and La Esperanza.

It is located in the department of Intibucá, was founded in 1747 by the Spanish, and has a population of around 1000. San Juan lies in the center of the "Lenca Trail" which runs from Santa Rosa de Copan to Marcala, La Paz. There are still many Lenca groups in the areas surrounding the village center. There is an old Catholic Church built by the Spanish in the town's center next to a massive Ceibo tree. The primary source of income for community members comes from the numerous coffee farms that can be found throughout the region. The main coffee cooperatives are FUNDECASA producing Rain Forest Alliance Coffee and [1] COARENE producing Fairtrade Fairtrade and Organic Coffee.

The natural beauty and climate of the area is unparalleled in Honduras. The Opalaca Biological Reserve looms in the background and numerous creeks flow through the valley. Due to the attractions in the area, a community group of leaders have established the first Rural Tourism Cooperative in the country, offering various packages for tourists wanting to see what they call "the Real Honduras". This is a rural, picturesque community with not only natural attractions such as waterfalls, cloud forests, and canyons but also unique because of the community spirit and active participation of local leaders trying to promote eco-tourism. The cooperative consists of a united group of guides, comedores (cafeterias), guest house owners, horse owners, site owners, and a visitor's center run by native Gladys Nolasco. The best local home cooked hardy food is Comdedor Paty located behind the police station and frequented by workers and locals alike. Guided tours are offered on horseback and community members have also been trained to give coffee roasting demonstrations, local artisan workshops, and sugar cane production demonstrations.

There are buses leaving Gracias and La Esperanza on a daily basis for San Juan. There are Moto-taxis transporting tourists and locals around the growing village. Many tourists prefer to hitchhike between the towns, which is the standard mode or transportation in the region.

Coordinates: 14°24′0″N 88°25′0″W / 14.40000°N 88.41667°W / 14.40000; -88.41667