San Juan La Laguna

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San Juan La Laguna
Municipality and town
San Juan La Laguna
San Juan La Laguna
San Juan La Laguna is located in Guatemala
San Juan La Laguna
San Juan La Laguna
location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°42′N 91°17′W / 14.700°N 91.283°W / 14.700; -91.283
Country Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
Department Vlagsolola.gifSololá
 • Type municipal
Lowest elevation 1,562 m (5,125 ft)
Time zone Central Time (UTC-6)
Country calling code 502
Climate Aw
Mural depicting Tz'utujil Mayan creation legend
Tz'utujil women demonstrates traditional weaving techniques

San Juan La Laguna (Spanish pronunciation: [saŋ ˈxwan la laˈɣuna]) is a municipality on the southern shore of Lago de Atitlán, Sololá, Guatemala. It consists of the village named San Juan La Laguna and three smaller aldeas (small villages) in the nearby mountain. The population is approximately 95% Tz'utujil. Agriculture is most important for the economy, with the service sector growing, especially as the number of tourists increase. The lowest elevation is the shore of Lago Atitlán at 1,562 metres (5,125 ft).