San Juan National High School

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San Juan National High School
Pambansang Mataas na Paaralan ng San Juan
Real St., Brgy. San Juan,
Kalayaan, Laguna
Type Public
Established 1968
Principal Mrs. Ma. Nelia A. Valero
Campus Urban

The San Juan National High School (SJNHS) (Filipino: Pambansang Mataas na Paaralan ng San Juan) is a public secondary school in the Municipality of Kalayaan. Located in Real St., Brgy. San Juan, the poblacion, it provides free secondary education for the people of the municipality and neighboring towns with primary aim on secondary basic education.


San Juan National High School was first known as San Juan Community High School, established in 1968. It had a total population of 105 first-year students. Mrs. Celita P. Ramiro (Miss Paner at the time) was the first individual teacher employed under the supervision of the Principal, Miss Aurora Lagrada.

The name of the school was later changed into San Juan Barangay High School when Mr. Pedro Madrazo was elected as the PTA President.

The school’s population increased yearly. Hon. Elpidio Asedillo, elected Municipal Mayor, together with the help of Barangay Captain Pastor Manguiat, improved the structure of the school. The supervision was direct from Pedro Guevara Memorial High School in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, although the assistant principal who at that time was the elementary school principal directly supervised the barangay high school.

The first Assistant Principal was Mr. Enrique Javan. The faculty members increased according to the year level. The additional teachers were: Miss Juana Porcincula (Science, Chemistry and History), Mrs. Estella Salandanan (Filipino), Mrs. Angelita Alonzosana (English and History), Mrs. Natividad Rino (Mathematics) and Mrs. Efipania Queliste (English and Physics). The salaries of the teaching staff of SJBHS were taken from the funds of the local government.

The next Assistant Principal was Miss Eustaquia Oben. More teachers were added to the staff, namely: Mr. Dominador Queliste (Practical Arts and CAT), Mrs. Analyn Dionisio (Home Economics), Mrs. Cherrie Manguiat (Physical Education) and Mrs. Marietta Rabutazo (Physical Education and Filipino). Mrs. Queliste acted as office aide and was in-charge of reports, payroll services and at the same time a liaison officer who took salaries of teachers every quarter.

Mrs. Myrna Kabamalan became the Assistant Principal in 1978. Checking of forms was done in PGMHS.

In 1980’s, there were additional teachers namely: Mr. Antonio Pagalanan and Mr. Roman Rayosa. There were two sections for every year level. For that reason, there was a need for the construction of new buildings. The first three-room building near the town’s medical center was erected. It housed the school’s bulging population and paved way for the whole population to transfer to the new school site. The town’s gymnasium was temporarily converted into classrooms. The Principal then was Mrs. Estella P. Salandanan.

Some teachers transferred to other schools. Mrs. Estella P. Salandanan was promoted, leaving Mrs. Marietta R. Rabutazo as the Head Teacher who eventually became the new principal of the school. The name of the school was again changed into San Juan National High School. The salaries of the staff were now given by the national government. More buildings were built and modern laboratory apparatuses and other teaching aids were given to the school.

In the year 1999, Dr. Sonia S. Cadawas became the Principal of the national high school. There was an increase in the total number of supervisory and administrative staff and the population of students. Thus, beginning in the year 2003, two extension schools were opened in Brgy. San Antonio, Kalayaan, and Paete with Mrs. Ma. Nelia A. Valero and Mr. Frederick G. Byrd, Jr. as Teacher Leaders, respectively. Later on, SJNHS – Paete Extension was nationalized and renamed Poten and Eliceo M. Quesada Memorial National High School where Mr. Byrd became Head Teacher.

Along with new innovations, Dr. Estella P. Salandanan once again became the Principal of the secondary school in the year 2005. Each year level has five to six sections and was headed by a chief adviser. Coordinators were also assigned in each subject areas to act as heads of these departments.

Both facilities improvement and academic competitiveness in various activities, teaching strategies and many others were implemented in SJNHS – Main and Extension. Through collaboration between the administration, faculty, staff, students, as well as parents and community, the school would gain greater heights for common good in years to come.

Past and Present Administrators[edit]

  • Miss Aurora Lagrada, Principal - 1968-1970
  • Mr. Enrique Javan, Assistant Principal - 1970-1974
  • Miss Eustaquia Oben, Assistant Principal - 1974-1978
  • Mrs. Myrna Kabamalan, Assistant Principal - 1978-1986
  • Mrs. Estela P. Salandanan, Principal - 1986-1992
  • Mrs. Marietta R. Rabutazo, Principal - 1992-1999
  • Dr. Sonia S. Cadawas, Principal II - 1999-2005
  • Dr. Estela P. Salandanan, Principal III - 2005-May 2010
  • Mrs. Redelia P. Vista, Education Program Supervisor I - Science / Officer-in-Charge - May–August 2010
  • Mr. Solomon B. Kahulugan, Principal III - August 2010-September 2011
  • Ms. Norma I. Tablico, Principal III - September 2011-December 2012
  • Dr. Orlando T. Valverde, Education Program Supervisor I - Alternative Learning System / Officer-in-Charge - January–August 2, 2013
  • Mrs. Ma. Nelia A. Valero, Principal III - August 5, 2013 – September 15, 2014
  • Dr. Socorro R. Fundivilla, Principal III - September 19, 2014 – present


San Juan National High School implements the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) as prescribed by the Department of Education of the Philippines.

Basic Education Curriculum
Subject Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10
English Grammar 7, Philippine Literature Grammar 8, Afro-Asian Literature English and American Literature, Mythology and Folklore World Literature, Campus Journalism
Mathematics Elementary Algebra Intermediate Algebra Geometry Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics
Science and Technology Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry,Physics Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry,Physics, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry,Physics Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry,Physics Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry,Physics, Physical Science, Research and Investigatory Science
Filipino Balarila, Ibong Adarna Teksto, Florante at Laura Panitikang Pilipino, Noli Me Tangere Panitikang Asyano, El Filibusterismo
Araling Panlipunan (AP) Kasaysayan at Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas Kasaysayan at Kultura ng Asya Kasaysayan at Sibilisasyon ng Daigdig Ekonomiks
Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) MAPEH 7 MAPEH 8 MAPEH 9 MAPEH 10/Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) I
Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Agriculture Arts, Entrepreneurship, Information and Computer Technology Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Agriculture Arts, Entrepreneurship Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Agriculture Arts, Entrepreneurship Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Agriculture Arts, Entrepreneurship, Computer Technology
Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga (EP) EP 7 EP 8 EP 9 EP 10


The San Juan National High School is administrated by a secondary school principal. The current administrator is Ms. Norma I. Tablico with the rank of Principal III. There are also around 40 supervisory and administrative staff for academic and support services of the institution.


  • Principal III: Dr. Socorro R. Fundivilla


  • English Coordinator / Head Teacher I: Mrs.Rosalie J. Macalos
  • Filipino Coordinator / Teacher I: Mrs. Melanie T. Maranan
  • Mathematics Coordinator / Head Teacher I: Mrs. Chaplenette S. Acueza
  • Science Coordinator / Teacher II: Mr. Angelito R. Atienza
  • Social Studies Coordinator / Teacher I: Mrs. Michelle M. Hombrebueno
  • Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) Coordinator / Head Teacher I: Mr. Edgar A. Paloma
  • Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) Coordinator / Teacher I: Mr. Adriel R. Arcellana
  • Values Education Coordinator / Teacher III: Mrs. Maricar P. Dela Peña
  • Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Filipina G. Byrd

Subject Teachers[edit]

  • Filipino:Mrs. Joselie G. Quemada - Grade 8
  • Mrs. Ma. Belen V. Ragaza - Grade 7
  • Mrs. Cynthia S. Abangan - Grade 9
  • Mrs. Melanie T. Maranan - Grade 10
  • English:Mrs. Rosalie J. Macalos - Grade 10 (World Literature)
  • Mrs. Desiree B. Cubinar - Grade 7 (Philippine Literature)
  • Mrs. Hazel D. Taroy - Grade 7 (Philippine Literature)
  • Mrs. Mheldy M. Candelaria - Grade 8 (Afro-Asian Literature)
  • Mrs. Annalyn P. Gallano - Grade 9 (English and American Literature)
  • Mrs. Arlene D. Barte - Grade 9 (English and American Literature)

  • Science and Technology:Mr. Angelito R. Atienza - Grade 10 (Physics)
  • Mrs. Fe U. Zaragoza - Grade 7 (General Science)
  • Mrs. Ruby E. Tañamor - Grade 8 (Biology)
  • Mrs. Karen P. Dimaranan - Grade 9 (Chemistry)
  • Mathematics:Mrs. Maria Roucelle R. Corral - Grade 9 (Geometry)
  • Mrs. Perla A. Galarosa - Grade 7 (Elementary Algebra)
  • Mrs. Lourdes B. Queliste - Grade 8 (Intermediate Algebra)
  • Mrs. Baverly S. Clemente - Grade 10 (Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, and Statistics)
  • Araling Panlipunan:Mrs. Michelle M. Hombrebueno - Grade 10 (Ekonomiks)
  • Ms. Katrina Sandra A. Velarde - Grade 7 (Kasaysayan at Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas)
  • Mrs. Victoria A. Fadul - Grade 8 (Kasaysayan at Kultura ng Asya)
  • Mrs. Prescilla A. Sadsad - Grade 9 (Kasaysayan at Kabihasnan ng Daigdig)
  • Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health:Mr. Roman A. Rayosa - Grade 9
  • Mr. Adonis N. Natividad - Grade 7
  • Mrs. Gaynor R. Dela Peña / Mr. Adriel E. Arcellana - Grade 8
  • Mr. Adriel E. Arcellana / Mrs. Maricar P. Dela Peña - Grade 9
  • Mr. Adriel E. Arcellana - Grade 10
  • Technology and Livelihood Education:Mr. Edgar A. Paloma - Grade 10
  • Mrs. Gerryluz G. Calamlam - Grade 7
  • Mrs. Gaynor R. Dela Peña - Grade 8
  • Mrs. Charmaine R. Magana - Grade 9
  • Mrs. Ma. Elena M. Agapay - Grade 10
  • Eduaksyon sa Pagpapahalaga:Mrs. Maricar P. Dela Peña
  • Mrs. Guadalupe P. Iglesia
  • Mrs. Cherrie L. Manguiat
  • Mrs. Erlinda A. Raquel

Administrative Staff[edit]

  • Senior Bookkeeper: Mr. Darwin S. Malapaya
  • Disbursing Officer: Mrs. Grace A. Dalida

Clubs and Organization's Advisers[edit]

Curricular Organization[edit]

                   *Queen Language Organization (English Club) - Mrs. Rosalie J. Macalos
                   *Alpha Scipes (Science Club) - Mrs. Karen P. Dimaranan
                   *Mathematrix (Mathematics Club) - Mrs. Maria Roucelle R. Corral
                   *Ang Makabagong Filipino (Filipino Club) - Mrs. Joselie G. Quemada
                   *TLEntIC (T.L.E. Club) - Mr. Edgar A. Paloma
                   *Masigkasip Club (M.A.P.E.H. Club) - Mr. Adriel E. Arcellana
                   *ESEP Club (E.P. Club) - Mrs. Maricar P. Dela Peña
                   *La Historiadores (A.P. Club) - Ms. Katrina Sandra A. Velarde

Co-curricular Organizations[edit]

                  *Youth for Environment in School Organization - Ms. Diane G. De Castro
                  *Supreme Student Government - Mrs. Katrina Sandra V. Atienza

Extra-Curricular Organization[edit]

                *Ang Kanlungan (School Paper Publication) - Mrs. Joselie G. Quemada
                *ICONS (Theatre, Music, and Dance Troupe)- Mrs. Maria Roucelle R. Rayosa, Mr. Edgar A. Paloma,
                                                              Mr. Angelito R. Atienza, Mr. Adriel E. Arcellana,
                                                              Mr. Adonis N. Natividad, Mrs. Karen P. Dimaranan
                *Athletes' Guild - Mr. Roman A. Rayosa, Mr. Adonis N. Natividad,
                                     Mr. Adriel E. Arcellana, Mr. Edgar A. Paloma,
                                     Mr. Angelito R. Atienza, Mrs. Arlene D. Barte


As of School Year 2012-2013, San Juan National High School has 6 sections for Grade 7, 6 sections for Grade 8, 4 sections for Grade 9 and 5 sections in Grade 10. Each sections is facilitated by a Class Adviser and each year level is supervised by a Chief Adviser usually assumed by the adviser of the first section.