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San Leandro LINKS or West San Leandro Shuttle usually referred to simply as the Links Bus is a free public transit service in San Leandro, California.[1][2][3][4][5]


The service began after its creation by the city of San Leandro in 2002.[2][4] The services currently offers one line, BART Shuttle also known simply as LINKS.[2] The shuttle has been successful since its inception year when it transported 9,000 passengers a month.[6]

The shuttle service's vehicles use compressed natural gas coaches.[7]

The bus line operates on a counter-clockwise loop connecting job centers in San Leandro with the San Leandro BART station.[2] The bus services is operated by the West San Leandro Shuttle Business Improvement District.[4] This special district is funded by a special purpose business fee on the business community of the westside.[4] In 2008 the tax was and therefore the service was extended for another five years until 2013 because more than 50% of businesses did not "protest".[4]

Passengers may connect to BART trains from throughout the Bay Area at this station on the Richmond-Fremont and San Francisco-Fremont lines.[8] There are also half a dozen AC Transit bus lines that connect at the San Leandro BART station transit center.[9] The service runs from 5AM to 9AM and then from 3PM to 8PM Monday through Friday.[2] Links coaches travel on 20 minute headways.[5]


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