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Coordinates: 37°41′13.38″N 122°7′18.77″W / 37.6870500°N 122.1218806°W / 37.6870500; -122.1218806

San Lorenzo High School
50 E. Lewelling Blvd.
San Lorenzo, California
United States
Type Public
Motto "Once a rebel, always a rebel!"
Established January 24, 1950
School district San Lorenzo Unified School District
Principal Allison Silvestri
Faculty 200
Grades 9-12
Number of students 1,600
Campus Urban

Maroon, White, and Gold             

Freshmen:     Sophomores:     Juniors:     Seniors:    
Athletics conference CIF NCS
Mascot Rebels
Newspaper The Rebel Record
Yearbook The Rebellion
Information +1(510)317-3000

San Lorenzo High School, also known as "SLz", is a public high school located in San Lorenzo, California and is part of the San Lorenzo Unified School District. The school has recently undergone remodeling and construction of additional classroom facilities.

The school's student body reflects the diversity of its surrounding and nearby communities, namely San Lorenzo, San Leandro, Hayward, and Oakland.[1] As of 2007-2008, demographics from the California Department of Education show that student demographics are, Hispanic-Latino (49%), followed by Black (22%), non-Hispanic White (15%), Asian (4%), Filipino (8%), and Pacific Islander (2%).[2]


San Lorenzo High School includes three academies in partnership with the California Partnership Academies program:[3]

  • Green Engineering and Technology (GREEN) - for students interested in careers in engineering, technology or other ecological or green industries. Instructors include Marcela Barajas, Julie Edwards, Alan Fishman, Jane Nikkel, Bob Jackson, Cheryl Morris, Tanny Hoffman, Katie Herrick and Bowe Carter.
  • Law Leadership and Culture (LLC) - for students interested in the law, in how societies and language develop and change over time, and about how students impact the world in a positive way. Instructors include Olivia Bauman, Sayuri Shimada, Alyssa Bradley, Nicole Elliot, Andrew Wild and Suzanne Vargas.[4]
  • Bay Area Digital Arts (BADA) - an academy which covers all the regular subjects while teaching skills in digital arts. Students participate in various visual/performing arts classes and their learning is enhanced through creativity. Participating instructors include Lance McVay, Joseph Erikson, Anthony Dimanno, Jesse Isaacs, Vandana Makker, Rachel Ahrens, Beth Daly, Jean Alderson, Dana Wickner, Cheryl Morris, Apollo Mulhauser, Carys Steers, and Marianne Nolte.
  • San Lorenzo students are also able to enroll in Advanced Placement and Honors courses such as AP Government, AP Calculus, AP US History, and AP English.
  • San Lorenzo's library is open from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on school days and offers students access to thousands of books as well as computers with high-speed internet and printers.
  • Annually, after graduation, SLz has a high rate of seniors who go straight into colleges/universities or go straight into the work force.
  • In Fall of 2009, San Lorenzo High School transitioned off the 4x4 Block schedule in which students take 80 credits per year, to a 6-period day in which students take 60 credits per year. Therefore, the graduation requirements will be incrementally adjusted over the course of the next four years, 2009-2010 through 2012-2013.
  • In 2015/16, SLz added an optional class, Criminal Justice, a first of its kind in San Lorenzo Unified, to its roster.

Associated Student Body (ASB) Leadership[5][edit]

ASB Leadership's Nomination Convention--nomination for Student Body Secretary. *all students in picture have signed web releases, as required per the CA Ed. Code.

San Lorenzo's Associated Student Body (ASB) Leadership program is headed by ASL teacher Glenna Wurm-Hayenga, and consists of over 30 students elected by the student body as a whole, or appointed by the President-elect and Vice President-elect to the "President's Cabinet." To the right, a picture is shown of ASB Leadership's "Nomination Convention" just before April General Elections. Like the United States Presidential Primaries, San Lorenzo holds Nomination Convention to model the process.

The ASB and its composition is also called when in order on Wednesdays, the Executive Council. The Executive Council is composed of elected officers and various assistants representing aspects of student government. Executive Council is the body which approves all student activities. If a club or class wishes to have an activity approved, the proposal must first be approved by the Executive Council and then presented to the School Operations Council for final endorsement. To be a student body or class officer, one must maintain a 2.0 grade point average from the previous semester with no F grade from the previous semester. Executive Council is also the organization which students can approach with their ideas concerning school improvements or any other problems pertaining to SLZ.


San Lorenzo students participate in a variety of activities/clubs including DECA, Link Crew, Druids, International Club, PenSLZ, La Raza Unida, TV&FILM, and many other student organizations.

Students also participate in many athletics. Fall sports include football, girls' volleyball, girls' tennis and cross country. In the winter, students may participate in basketball and soccer. In the spring, sports offered include baseball, softball, and track & field, and boys' tennis.

Notable alumni[edit]


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