San Lorenzo Unified School District

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San Lorenzo Unified School District is a school district serving the San Lorenzo, San Leandro areas and part of Hayward in Alameda County, California. It was established in 1865. Several "small learning communities," each with a distinctive program, have been created at the district's three high school campuses to better serve students. Superintendent Dr. Fred Brill is only the 9th Superintendent in the history of the district. Governing Board members: Norman Fobeŕt, Helen Foster, Janet Zamudio, Helen Randall, and Penny Peck. Student population is approx. 11,000.


Elementary schools[edit]

  • Bay Elementary School
  • Colonial Acres Elementary School
  • Corvallis Elementary School
  • Dayton Elementary School
  • Del Rey Elementary School
  • Grant Elementary School
  • Hesperian Elementary School
  • Hillside Elementary School
  • Lorenzo Manor Elementary School

Middle schools[edit]

  • Bohannon Middle School
  • Edendale Middle School
  • Washington Manor Middle School
  • KIPP Summit Academy Middle School

High schools[edit]

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