San Luis II Port of Entry

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San Luis II Port of Entry
San Luis II port of entry.jpg
San Luis II Port of Entry
CountryUnited States
LocationArea Service Highway, San Luis, AZ 85349
Coordinates32°27′54″N 114°42′02″W / 32.464874°N 114.700527°W / 32.464874; -114.700527Coordinates: 32°27′54″N 114°42′02″W / 32.464874°N 114.700527°W / 32.464874; -114.700527
Phone(928) 722-6882
Hours9:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday through Saturday Sunday - Closed
Exit PortSan Luis Rio Colorado 2
2011 Cars0
2011 Trucks34,190

The San Luis II Port of Entry is a commercial port of entry, in that it only accepts commercial trucks entering the United States for inspection. It connects San Luis, Arizona with San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. Passenger cars and pedestrians are directed to cross at the San Luis downtown crossing. The Port of Entry was built 5 miles east of the downtown crossing in 2010 in an effort to divert the commercial truck traffic and ease congestion. Roads connecting to Interstate 8 were improved to support the additional traffic.[1]

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