San Luis Port of Entry

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San Luis Port of Entry
San Luis AZ border station - panoramio.jpg
San Luis Border Inspection Station
Country United States
Location Highway 95 & International Border, San Luis, AZ 85349
Coordinates 32°29′07″N 114°46′56″W / 32.485339°N 114.782120°W / 32.485339; -114.782120
Phone (928) 627-8854
Hours Open 24 Hours
Exit Port San Luis Rio Colorado
2011 Cars 3,941,304
2011 Trucks 0
Pedestrians 2,762,696

The San Luis Port of Entry has been a busy US port of entry since the early 1900s. It connects San Luis, Arizona to San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. It connects to U.S. Route 95 on the north and Mexican Federal Highway 2 as well as Sonora State Highway 40 on the south.

In 2010, all commercial truck traffic was diverted to the new San Luis II Port of Entry 5 miles to the east. In 2012, two additional inspection lanes were added to the port facility. .[1]


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