San Marcos, Guatemala

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San Marcos
San Marcos is located in Guatemala
San Marcos
San Marcos
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°57′55″N 91°47′45″W / 14.96528°N 91.79583°W / 14.96528; -91.79583Coordinates: 14°57′55″N 91°47′45″W / 14.96528°N 91.79583°W / 14.96528; -91.79583
Country Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
Department Vlagsanmarcos.gif San Marcos
Elevation 7,867 ft (2,398 m)
 • Total 45,000
Climate Cwb

San Marcos (elevation: 7,868 feet (2,398 meters) is a city and municipality in Guatemala. It is the capital of the department of San Marcos. The municipality has a population of approximately 45,000.


1897 Quetzaltenango Revolt[edit]

General García León brigade on the Totonicapan fields. Army forces loyal to president Reina Barrios[1]

On September 1897, after the failure of both the interoceanic railroad and the Central American Expo and the deep economic crisis that Guatemala was facing after the plummeting of both coffee and silver international prices, Quetzaltengo people raised in arms against the decision of present José María Reina Barrios to extend his presidential term until 1902.[a] A group of rebels, among them a former Secretary of Reina Barrios's cabinet -Próspero Morales-, began to combat on 7 September 1897 attacking San Marcos; after several battles and some gains, the rebels were definitely defeated on 4 October 1897. As a result, on 23 October 1897, San Pedro Sacatepéquez became the capital of San Marcos Department.[1]

20th century[edit]

On 16 December 1935, during the presidency of general Jorge Ubico, it was annexed to San Pedro Sacatepéquez forming the municipality of La Unión San Marcos. However, this system did not work and La Unión San Marcos was broken apart on 20 July 1945, but San Pedro Sacatepéquez lost the capital of San Marcos Department to the municipality of San Marcos.[3]


The city is home of the football club Deportivo Marquense who play in Guatemala's Premier League in the Estadio Marquesa de la Ensenada.[4]


Geographic location[edit]

San Marcos is completely surrounded by municipalities of San Marcos Department:

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  1. ^ Back then, the Panama Canal had not been built yet and Reina Barrios had high hopes on getting international investors interested in the interoceanic railroad, which was the main event for the Central American Expo; unfortunately, due to the economic crisis, and bad budgeting, the government could not complete the railroad and after the failure of the Expo, it had to take drastic austerity measures, that included closing schools.[2]


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