San Margherita, Ohio

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The exterior of Saint Margaret of Cortona Catholic Church in San Margherita.

San Margherita is an unincorporated neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio that may be in danger of vanishing. It was originally formed at the turn of the 20th century by Italian immigrants who came to work at the nearby Marble Cliff Quarry Co. Though most of the locally owned the neighborhood have been demolished to make way for widening roads and commercial development, the remaining houses in San Margherita still retain their original character. Most of the simple homes sit on an acre (4,000 m²) of land, giving it a somewhat rural feeling, and backyard vineyards planted by the original residents are still maintained today.

St. Margaret of Cortona Catholic Church, which long served the spiritual needs of the Italian community in San Margherita, is located along Hague Avenue on the southern edge of the area. The church hosts a popular annual festival as well as fish frys on Lenten Fridays. San Margherita is the Italian form of the name St. Margaret.

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