Sammarinese Populars

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Sammarinese Populars
Popolari Sammarinesi
Leader Angela Venturini
Founded 4 February 2003
Split from Sammarinese Christian Democratic Party
Headquarters Via 25 marzo, 19/b – Domagnano
Ideology Christian democracy,
National conservatism,[1]
Political position Centre-right
National affiliation Sammarinese Union of Moderates
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
Colours Blue, White

Sammarinese Populars (Italian: Popolari Sammarinesi, PS) are a Christian-democratic political party in San Marino.

In the 2006 general election PS won 2.4% of the vote and 1 out of 60 seats in the Grand and General Council. Since 2008 it is part of the Sammarinese Union of Moderates together with Sammarinese National Alliance and stood in opposition against the 2006-2008 coalition government of the Party of Socialists and Democrats, Popular Alliance and United Left.

In the 2008 general election the party participated within the Sammarinese Union of Moderates coalition that won 874 votes (4.17%) and got 2 seats. The Sammarinese Union of Moderates is part of the centre-right Pact for San Marino coalition, The electoral coalition won 35 seats out of 60 in the Grand and General Council in the Sammarinese parliamentary election, 2008 gaining 54.22% of the national vote and a governmental majority of 5 and has become the new government of San Marino and as a result the Sammarinese Populars which itself gained a few seats and a small percentage of the national vote as part of the coalition and as part of the Sammarinese Union of Moderates, is now part of the official new government.


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