San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012

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Eurovision Song Contest 2012
Country San Marino
National selection
Selection processInternal selection
Selection date(s)Artist: 14 March 2012
Song: 16 March 2012 (First)
22 March 2012 (Second)
Selected entrantValentina Monetta
Selected song"The Social Network Song"
Finals performance
Semi-final resultFailed to qualify (14th, 31 points)
San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest
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San Marino participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Sammarinese entry was selected through an internal selection, organised by the Sammarinese broadcaster San Marino RTV (SMRTV). Valentina Monetta represented San Marino with the song "The Social Network Song", which failed to qualify from the first semi-final, achieving 14th place with 31 points.[1][2]

Internal selection[edit]


SMRTV confirmed on 14 March that Valentina Monetta would represent San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in May.[3][4]


On 16 March 2012, in a special programme by SMRTV with Valentina Monetta, "Facebook Uh, Oh, Oh" was presented as the Sanmarinese entry.[5]


However, it was announced that the song's lyrics breached rule 1.2.2. (g), which states;

The lyrics and/or performance of the songs shall not bring the Shows, the ESC as such or the EBU into disrepute. No lyrics, speeches, gestures of a political or similar nature shall be permitted during the ESC. No swearing or other unacceptable language shall be allowed in the lyrics or in the performances of the songs. No commercial messages of any kind shall be allowed. A breach of this rule may result in disqualification.

EBU ordered San Marino to either change the lyrics and the title of the song or select a new song, no later than 23 March.[6]

A revised version of the song, under the title "The Social Network Song", was presented on 22 March.[7]

At Eurovision[edit]

San Marino competed in the second half of the first semi-final on 22 May, but did not proceed to the final. After the grand final on the 26th of May, full results showed that the song ended in 14th place with 31 points, making the entry San Marino's best placing in Eurovision compared to previous years, and showed that there were improvements.[8]

Split Results[edit]

  • In the Semi-final 1 San Marino came 14th with 31 points: the public awarded San Marino 13th place with 25 points and the jury awarded 14th place with 42 points.

Points awarded to San Marino[edit]

Points awarded to San Marino (Semi-Final 1)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by San Marino[edit]

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