Memorial Park (San Mateo County, California)

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San Mateo County's Memorial Park is located in Loma Mar and is operated by the San Mateo County Department of Parks. The park encompasses 499 acres (2.02 km2), and includes old-growth redwood trees, eight miles (13 km) of hiking trails, camping areas, picnic facilities, a visitor center, a camp store, a creek swimming area, and campfire programs. Pescadero Creek, which provides winter habitat for steelhead trout, runs through the park. Bloomquist, Hoffman, McCormick, and Peterson Creeks join Pescadero Creek within the park boundaries.

Memorial Park trails link to Pescadero Creek Park from the Hoffman Flat Trailhead along the Old Haul Road trail, which also links into Sam McDonald County Park, Portola Redwoods State Park, and Big Basin Redwoods State Park (via easement across private lands).

The county acquired most of the land for the park by 1924. The park was initially established during the Depression as a camp for workers of the Works Project Administration, during which many of the existing facilities were built. The park's name commemorates the men of San Mateo County who died in World War I.

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