San Matteo in Merulana

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San Matteo in Via Merulana was a titular church in Rome, dedicated to the Apostle and Evangelist Matthew, for cardinal priests (the intermediary class).


San Matteo was first established as a titular church in 112 by Pope Alexander I, then suppressed in 600 by Pope Gregory I. (No incumbents known for that period).

It was revived in 1517 by Pope Leo X. The church was crumbling by 1775 and the title was not awarded between 1776 and 1801, when it was finally suppressed and transferred to Santa Maria della Vittoria.

The church once housed the famed Marian icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, now under the custody of the Redemptorist Order, later supplemented with another Marian image.

List of titular Cardinal-priests[edit]

(medieval names also unavailable)

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