San Nicola (Ottana)

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The church

San Nicola is a church in Ottana, central Sardinia, Italy. Dedicated to St. Nicholas of Myra, it was consecrated in 1160. It is located on a hill commanding the town and is reached through a staircase.

The interior houses a 16th-century wooden crucifix and a 14th-century polyptych, known as Ottana Altarpiece. It is attributed to a "Master of the Franciscan tempera", active in Naples between 1330 and 1345. Among other figures, it portrays the then hereditary giudice of Arborea, Mariano IV of Arborea.


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Coordinates: 40°14′0″N 9°2′30″E / 40.23333°N 9.04167°E / 40.23333; 9.04167