San Pablo (volcano)

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San Pablo
Cerro paniri and volcan san pablo chile ii region.jpg
San Pablo volcano (left) and Cerro Paniri (center).
Highest point
Elevation6,092 m (19,987 ft) [1]
Prominence790 m (2,590 ft) [2]
Coordinates21°52′S 68°22′W / 21.867°S 68.367°W / -21.867; -68.367[1]
Parent rangeAndes
Mountain typeStratovolcano

San Pablo is a dormant volcano located in the Antofagasta Region of Chile, near the Bolivia border. It is joined to the younger San Pedro volcano by a high col.

San Pablo was active in pre-glacial times. After that period, glaciations formed a girdle of moraines and the mountain was covered by ash fall from neighbouring San Pedro.[3] Its central crater was eroded and a glacier formed inside. The volcano itself is formed by three groups of andesite lavas which variously contain pyroxene or hornblende; these groups are known as the Lower Group, the Middle Group and the Summit Group.[4]


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