San Pedro River (Chile)

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San Pedro River (Río San Pedro)
Country Chile/Argentina
Basin features
Main source Riñihue Lake
River mouth Calle-Calle River
Physical characteristics
Length around 77 km (48 mi)
Rio San Pedro

San Pedro river is a river in Valdivia Province, southern Chile. It drains waters from the Riñihue Lake, the last of the Seven Lakes, to the Calle-Calle River, which in turn changes name to Valdivia River and at the end outflows in Corral Bay. San Pedro River is well known for being a good fishing area and a good place to practise rafting.

Coordinates: 39°51′10″S 72°45′32″W / 39.8528°S 72.7589°W / -39.8528; -72.7589