San Pedro River (Cuba)

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Coordinates: 21°8′18.3582″N 78°29′50.283″W / 21.138432833°N 78.49730083°W / 21.138432833; -78.49730083

San Pedro River
Native nameRío San Pedro
Country Cuba
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationCamagüey
 ⁃ location
Gulf of Ana María (Caribbean Sea)
 ⁃ elevation
Sea level
Basin size1,053 km2 (407 sq mi)
Basin features
 ⁃ leftRío Hatibonico
 ⁃ rightRío Tínima, El Bolsillo

San Pedro River (Spanish: Río San Pedro) is a river in the southwest of Camagüey Province, Cuba. Its basin covers an area of 1,053 km2. The watershed is polluted due to the discharge of poorly treated liquid waste from the city of Camagüey. Home to Jimaguayú Dam, one of the largest in the country.[1]

The river forms south of the city of Camagüey, at the confluence of Río Tínima and Río Hatibonico. River El Bolsillo joins it just south of the confluence. San Pedro River flows south to Jimaguayú Dam, then west, and empties into the Caribbean Sea about 40 km west of town of Vertientes.

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