San Pellegrino Pass

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San Pellegrino Pass
Passo San Pellegrino.JPG
Elevation1,918 m (6,293 ft)
Coordinates46°22′40″N 11°46′06″E / 46.3778°N 11.7683°E / 46.3778; 11.7683Coordinates: 46°22′40″N 11°46′06″E / 46.3778°N 11.7683°E / 46.3778; 11.7683
San Pellegrino Pass is located in Alps
San Pellegrino Pass
San Pellegrino Pass
Location of San Pellegrino Pass

The San Pellegrino Pass (Italian: Passo San Pellegrino) (1918 m) is a high mountain pass in the Italian Dolomites. It connects the municipalities of Moena and Falcade. The ski resort of Trevalli is located at the pass. The area is also popular in summer for rock climbing. The peak of Cima Uomo and Col Margherita stand nearby on the north and the south sides.During the I World War on Cima Uomo were austrian positions while on Col Margherita were italian trenches.[1][2]

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