San Rafael National High School (Tigaon, Camarines Sur)

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San Rafael National High School
San Rafael, Tigaon, Camarines Sur
V (Bicol)
Camarines Sur, Philippines
Principal Mrs. Gloria Bacares
Publication The Intersection/ Ang Interseksyon

San Rafael National High School at Tiagon, Camarines Sur, is a Filipino high school that offers complete four-year secondary courses. It was founded September 16, 1986[citation needed] by Congressman Noli Fuentebella and Dr. Grigelda S. Pan.

From the start SRNHS has been a pioneer for investigatory projects, which is the main reason the school was qualified to be converted as Philippine Science High School Bicol Region Campus. The school has won national and international awards for Investigatory Project. The school was once a representative of the Philippines in the Investigatory Project defense at Brunei and Singapore.

And now, San Rafael National High School has three regulated curriculums namely; the Special Program in the Arts (SPA), Science Technology and Engineering (STE), and the Revised Basic Education Curriculum (RBEC). These have been the SRNHSs' specialties to be one of the Partidos excellent and upcoming pioneer school.

The Special Program in the Arts already bagged two national Championship awards in the field of Dancing and Media Arts (the Street Dancing Competition and the Short Film Making). While the Science Technology and Engineering program still strives as it attempted to bag awards in the field of research in the national level.

The school has extracurricular activities and the Majorettes school.


Coordinates: 13°38′06″N 123°29′46″E / 13.635°N 123.496°E / 13.635; 123.496