San Ramón, Junín

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Plaza de Armas de San Ramón

San Ramón is one of two main towns in the Chanchamayo Province of the Junín Region,[1] on the eastern slopes of the Andean Cordillera Oriental in Peru.[citation needed] The nearest town downstream is La Merced, the province's capital, at a distance of 12 km (7.5 mi).[1]


San Ramón, Chanchamayo, Junín, Perú

Situated at an elevation of 820 metres (2,690 ft) above sea level,[2] it lies at the confluence of Tarma River and Tulumayu which form the Chanchamayo River downstream and Perené River later.[citation needed] A nearby attraction in the jungle is the Terol Waterfall.[3]

West of the city, is the Toro Huajrashga Mountain.


The city has a population of circa 30,0000 inhabitants.[citation needed] It has a warm, humid tropical climate, with most of the precipitation occurs from December to March. Temperatures range between 14 and 31 °C (57 and 88 °F).[2] An airport with small airplanes serves the Central Jungle of Peru.[1]


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