San Rocco, Venice

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Church of Saint Roch
Chiesa di San Rocco
San rocco venezia.jpg
Facade of the Chiesa di San Rocco.
AffiliationRoman Catholic
Year consecrated1508
LocationVenice, Italy
San Rocco, Venice is located in Venice
San Rocco, Venice
Shown within Venice
San Rocco, Venice is located in Italy
San Rocco, Venice
San Rocco, Venice (Italy)
Geographic coordinates45°26′13.1″N 12°19′30.94″E / 45.436972°N 12.3252611°E / 45.436972; 12.3252611Coordinates: 45°26′13.1″N 12°19′30.94″E / 45.436972°N 12.3252611°E / 45.436972; 12.3252611
Architect(s)Bartolomeo Bon
Length40 metres (130 ft)
Width20 metres (66 ft)

The Church of Saint Roch (Italian: Chiesa di San Rocco) is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Roch in Venice, northern Italy. It was built between 1489 and 1508 by Bartolomeo Bon the Younger, but was substantially altered in 1725. The façade dates from 1765 to 1771,[1] and was designed by Bernardino Maccarucci. The church is one of the Plague-churches built in Venice.[2]

St. Roch, whose relics rest in the church after their transfer from Voghera (trad. Montpellier), was declared a patron saint of the city in 1576. Every year, on his feast day (16 August), the Doge made a pilgrimage to the church.

Near the church is the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, noted for its numerous Tintoretto paintings. It was founded in the 15th century as a confraternity to assist the citizens in time of plague.



The facade is decorated with statues by Giovanni Marchiori. On the left Gerard de Csanád (Gerardo Sagredo) and Gregorio Barbarigo; On the right, Lorenzo Giustiniani and Pietro Orseolo. In the center above the entrance door: San Rocco heals the victims of the plague by Giovanni Maria Morlaiter.


The church interior is notable for its Tintoretto paintings including:

  • Annunciation and St Roch presented to the Pope on west wall.
  • St. Roch taken to Prison (attributed) and The Pool of Bethesda on south wall of the nave.
  • St. Roch curing the plague victims, St. Roch comforted by an Angel, St. Roch in Solitude and St. Roch healing the Animals (attributed) in chancel.
  • St. Christopher and St Martin on Horseback by Pordenone hang on north wall of the nave.

Also present are a monument to Pellegrino Baselli Grillo (1517) and a statue of St. Roch by Bartolomeo Bon.


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