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San Sebastian Salvador (often just referred to as San Sebastian) is an after hours LGBT nightclub located in the city of Salvador, Brazil. Opened on September 26, 2009, in Rio Vermelho (neighbourhood), an important bohemia area, the nightclub is located at 227 Paciência Street is popular among the city's gay community, in front of the Paciência Beach, and became in the moment the biggest gay nightclub of the city. The founders are José Agusto Vasconcelos and André Gagliano, known as Magal.[1]

San Sebastian has a capacity for more than 700 people, with three floors, and vip stateroom.[2] The architectural project is of André Figueiredo and Alex Galletti. The sound system is of Lonardi Doná, elaborated by LOD Systems, responsible also for The Week International (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), D-Edge (São Paulo), Mokay (São Paulo) and New Misty (Recife). The music is electronic and pop, the official day is Saturday, known as Blessed Night ("Noite Abençoada"), with renowned DJs from Brazil, and other countries.[3] The minimum age is 18, and the price is R$ 30,00 (US$ 16).

The lighting is all in LED is connected to the cabin of the DJ and accompanying the slams of the set. The European system, known as "Matrix", is going to guide the colors of the club, including of the facade, in constant change. Computerized system of count of consumption, toilets and bars in all floors.[4] Total investment was more than R$ 1 million, in lighting for example was R$ 300,000.[5]

The national Smoking ban law is a norm in the internal area, such as other closed spaces in the state and in the country. The smoking area is located in the verandah of the entrance, with view of the beach.[6] The color red predominate in decoration, images inspired in Saint Sebastian stamped in the doors of the toilets. The globe of mirror, was deed in format of heart. The Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of the gay community of the world.[7]


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