San Shek Wan, Lantau South

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San Shek Wan (traditional Chinese: 䃟石灣; simplified Chinese: 䃟石湾) is a small village located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

On the most prominent hill west of the village itself, is a campsite managed by the Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association.

The village has a resident population of around 50 people, of which over half are expats. Only 11, including children, meet the 'indigenous' criteria that has traditionally determined who is allowed to vote for village representatives (the 'Indigenous Inhabitant Representative'), that is men whose families have been in the village since 1889.

Since 2003, following a landmark ruling by the Court of Final Appeal, a second village chief (the 'Residents Representative') has been elected by all residents, including indigenous ones. Elections for both posts are held every three years, and voters are only eligible if they have resided in the village for a minimum of three years and hold the right of abode in Hong Kong.

The current village chiefs are Mo Kam-Tong (Indigenous Inhabitant Representative) and Kevin Rushton (Resident Representative).


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Coordinates: 22°16′54″N 113°53′45″E / 22.2816°N 113.8958°E / 22.2816; 113.8958