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SanTelmoAlejoBerlingueromuseonavalmadrid (cropped).jpg
Spanish ship of the Line San Telmo by Alejo Berlinguero, Madrid Naval Museum
Name: San Telmo
Launched: 20 June 1788
Sunk: 2 September 1819
General characteristics
Displacement: 2,550 tons
Length: 53 m (174 ft)
Beam: 14.5 m (48 ft)
Complement: 644

San Telmo ("Saint Peter Gonzalez" or "Saint Erasmus of Formiae") was a Spanish 74-gun ship of the line, launched in 1788.


In 1819, the San Telmo, commanded by Captain Joaquín de Toledo y Parra, was the flagship of a Spanish naval squadron under Brigadier Rosendo Porlier y Asteguieta bound for Callao (Peru) to reinforce colonial forces there fighting the independence movements in Spanish America. It was damaged by severe weather in the Hoces Sea, south of Cape Horn on 2(?) September 1819.


The 644 officers, soldiers and seamen of the San Telmo who were lost may have been first people to die in the 'future' Antarctica. Some remnants and signs of the wreckage were found some months later by visitors of the Livingston Island like William Smith. If any of survived crew members of the San Telmo was landed there, they would have been first people in history of Antarctica who reached the continent.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

San Telmo Island off the north coast of Livingston Island is named after the ship.

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