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Lung Yeuk Tau (Chinese: 龍躍頭), commonly known as Lung Ku Tau and also called Lung Ling ("Mountain of Dragon") is an area located northeast of Luen Wo Hui in Fanling, New Territories, Hong Kong.[1]

Lung Yeuk Tau is home to the Five Wais (walled villages) and Six Tsuens (villages) (五圍六村) of the Tang Clan. The "Five Wais" are:

  • Lo Wai (老圍)
  • Ma Wat Wai (麻笏圍)
  • Wing Ning Wai (永寧圍)
  • Tung Kok Wai (東閣圍, also known as Ling Kok Wai)
  • San Wai (新圍, also called Kun Lung Wai 覲龍圍)


The area is home to several declared monuments and walled villages. The Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail has been established to promote and facilitate the visit of some of the historical places of the area. Places along the Heritage Trail include:

Name Photographs Notes/References
Siu Hang Tsuen (小坑村)
HK SiuHangTsuen Archway FookTakTemple.JPG
San Wai (新圍)
aka. Kun Lung Wai (覲龍圍)
Kun Lung Wai walls2.JPG
A walled village. Kun Lung Gate Tower and the Enclosing Walls and Corner Watch Towers of Kun Lung Wai are declared monuments[3][4][5][6]

22°30′26″N 114°08′55″E / 22.507168°N 114.148724°E / 22.507168; 114.148724
Sin Shut Study Hall (善述書室), in San Uk Tsuen (新屋村)
Sin Shut Study Hall street view2.JPG
Grade II historic building[7]
Wing Ning Wai (永寧圍)
HK WingNingWai.JPG
A walled village. Grade II historic building[8]
Wing Ning Tsuen (永寧村)
WingNingTsuen GateTower.jpg
Tung Kok Wai (東閣圍)
aka. Ling Kok Wai (嶺角圍)[10]
A walled village.[11] Grade I historic building.[12]
Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall (松嶺鄧公祠)
Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall.JPG
Declared monument[13][14]
Tin Hau Kung (天后宮)
TinHauTemple LungYeukTau.jpg
Tin Hau Temple. A declared monument.[15][16] It is located next to the Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall.
Lo Wai (老圍)
LungYeukTau LoWai Outside.jpg
A walled village. The Entrance Tower and Enclosing Walls of Lo Wai are declared monuments[17][18]
Ma Wat Wai (麻笏圍)
HK Fanling Ma Wat Wai 1.jpg
A walled village. The Entrance Tower of Ma Wat Wai is a declared monument[19][20]
Shek Lo (石廬)
ShekLo Front.jpg
Grade II historic building[21]
Tsung Kyam Church (崇謙堂)
Tsung Kyam Church 2007.JPG
[22] Grade III historic building.
Stone tablets to ward off evil spirits (擋煞碑石) [23]

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