San Ysidro Mountains

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San Ysidro Mountains
Otay Mountain Ecological Reserve.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 1,060 m (3,480 ft)
San Ysidro Mountains is located in California
San Ysidro Mountains
location of San Ysidro Mountains in California [1]
Country United States
State California
District San Diego County
Range coordinates 32°35′48.212″N 116°49′24.075″W / 32.59672556°N 116.82335417°W / 32.59672556; -116.82335417Coordinates: 32°35′48.212″N 116°49′24.075″W / 32.59672556°N 116.82335417°W / 32.59672556; -116.82335417
Parent range Peninsular Ranges
Topo map USGS Otay Mountain
Biome California chaparral and woodlands

The San Ysidro Mountains are a mountain range in southern San Diego County, California.[1] The range extends for a short distance into Baja California. The San Ysidro Mountains are part of the Peninsular Ranges System.

The highest point of the range is Otay Mountain, elevation 3,566 ft (1,087 m). The majority of the range is included in the Otay Mountain Wilderness Area.


The native vegetation of the San Ysidro Mountains represents the coastal sage scrub of the California coastal sage and chaparral ecoregion (western faces); and plants of the California montane chaparral and woodlands ecoregion (inland). The San Ysidro Mountains are one of the few locations the rare Tecate Cypress (Cupressus forbesii) is found. This tree was once abundant in the higher elevations of the range as well as in its canyons. The San Ysidro Mountains were deforested of living foliage by wildfires in 2003 and 2007. Cupressus forbesii is a fire ecology dependent species, and there has been some evidence of regrowth starting.

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