San Ysidro Transit Center

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San Ysidro Transit Center
MTS Trolley icon.svg
San Diego Trolley station
Model U2 trolley at the US–Mexico border
Location700 East San Ysidro Boulevard
Coordinates32°32′40″N 117°01′47″W / 32.54443°N 117.02975°W / 32.54443; -117.02975Coordinates: 32°32′40″N 117°01′47″W / 32.54443°N 117.02975°W / 32.54443; -117.02975
Tracks2 side platforms
ConnectionsBus transport MTS: 906, 907
Disabled accessYes
Preceding station   San Diego Trolley   Following station
TerminusBlue Line

San Ysidro Transit Center is a San Diego Trolley station on the Blue Line and the southern terminus for this line. The previous station northwest is Beyer Boulevard. South of this station is the San Ysidro Port of Entry at the Mexico–United States border. The station serves primarily as a way to provide access to downtown for the thousands of international commuters and tourists who travel between San Diego County and Tijuana, Mexico. Its secondary purpose is to provide access to the large shopping areas, including the Las Americas Premium Outlets which are connected to the stop via a pedestrian walkway. An intercity bus station is located adjacent to the station.[1][2] It is the second busiest station in the San Diego Trolley, with nearly 18,000 passengers using the station each day.[3]

This station was scheduled to undergo renovation starting December 2014,[4] as part of the Trolley Renewal Project,[5] though actual renovation construction did not begin until January 2015.[6] Renovation construction at the station continued through December 2015[7] before completion.

Platforms and tracks[edit]

Northbound  Blue Line toward America Plaza (Beyer Boulevard)
Northbound  Blue Line toward America Plaza (Beyer Boulevard)

Bus connections[edit]

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