Sanad, Bahrain

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Sanad is a town in Bahrain.[1]

Location of Sanad
Location of Sanad

The town neighbors Isa Town, Riffa and Jurdab. Sanad is mainly a residential area. Some of the restaurants located in Sanad are Hardee's, Dairy Queen, McDonald's, KFC, Papa Johns, and Yum Yum Tree.

The town is divided into four regions: Al Nasfah, New Sanad, Old Sanad, and the Estiqlal Highway, a major highway in Bahrain that connects the towns of Riffa, Askar, and Isa Town.

The American pop star Michael Jackson lived in Sanad for a short period.[2]

Jawad's The Centre was introduced in the summer of 2007, hosting shopping stores and the Jawad supermarket.[3]

The Gulf University is located in Sanad.

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Coordinates: 26°09′N 50°35′E / 26.150°N 50.583°E / 26.150; 50.583