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Sanami Matoh
Area(s) Manga artist
Notable works

Sanami Matoh (真東 砂波, Matō Sanami) (born April 29, 1969) is a Japanese manga artist. She debuted in 1990 with Next to an Angel published by Akita Shoten. Her other works include Fake, By the Sword, and Black x Blood. She taught Kazuma Kodaka, the author of Kizuna: Bonds of Love, shoujo manga drawing techniques.[1]


Title Year Notes Refs[2]
Penguin no Ousama (ペンギンの王様, Penguin King) 1992 Published by Bonita Comics, 3 vols.
Be-ing 1994 Published by Bonita Comics, 3 vols.
Fake 1994 Published by Be-boy comics, Hug Paperback, 7 vols.
Black × Blood 1995 Published by Animage chara comics, 1 vol.
Ra-i (ライ) 1995 Published by Zero comics, 1 vol.
Sakura full night 1995 Published by Animage Comics, 1 vol.
TenRyu: The Dragon Cycle (天龍, TenRyu) 1999 Published by Bonita comics deluxe, 6 vols.
Until the Full Moon 1998 Published by Be-Boy comics, KCDX / Michao KC, 2 vols.
By the Sword 2000 Published by Zero comics, 3 vols.
Color Sanami Matoh illustration collection 2001 1 vol.
ACCESS-B 2001 Published by Bonita Comics Deluxe, 1 vol.
Trash 2004 Published by Be-boy comics, 1 vol.
GURI + GURA 2014 Published by Bee Boy Comics Deluxe, 2 vols.


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