Sanana Island

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Sula Islands Topography.png
Location South East Asia
Coordinates 2°12′00″S 125°55′00″E / 2.2°S 125.91667°E / -2.2; 125.91667
Archipelago Maluku Islands
Area 558 km2 (215 sq mi)
Largest settlement Sanana
Population 48,892 (2010 Census)

Sanana (earlier name Xulla Besi [1]) is an island, part of Sula Islands which is part of Maluku Islands in Indonesia. It is also the name of that island's largest settlement, home to the Dutch era fort Benteng De Verwachting.[2][3]


Sanana is located at 2°12′00″S 125°55′00″E / 2.2°S 125.916667°E / -2.2; 125.916667Coordinates: 2°12′00″S 125°55′00″E / 2.2°S 125.916667°E / -2.2; 125.916667, south of Mangole Island. The area of the island is 558 km².

Sanana airport is linked to Ambon by Trigana Air Service flights.[4]

As was common throughout Maluku at that time, Sanana suffered serious religio-ethnic tensions between Muslims and Christians during 1999.[1]


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