Sanata Dharma University

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Sanata Dharma University
Latin: Universitas Sanata Dharma
Former names
PTPG Sanata Dharma (1955-1958)
FKIP Sanata Dharma (1958–1965)
IKIP Sanata Dharma (1965-1993)
Motto Cerdas dan Humanis (Bahasa Indonesia)
Motto in English
Excellent and Humanist
Established October 20, 1955
Type Private, Research University
Affiliation Roman Catholic (Jesuit)
Rector Yohanes Eka Priyatma, Ph.D
Academic staff
Undergraduates 9000
Location Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Campus Main campus - in Mrican
Campus II - on Affandi St
Campus III - in Paingan
Campus IV - in Kentungan
Campus V - in Kotabaru
Colors Red clay

Universitas Sanata Dharma (English: Sanata Dharma University) is a Jesuit university in Yogyakarta in Indonesia. It is also known as USD or Sadhar. Sanata Dharma means “the true dedication” or “the real service”. The dedication and the service have been devoted to the greater glory of God and to the humanity. Universitas Sanata Dharma has 8 undergraduate schools with 25 departments, 3 graduate programs, 1 professional program, and 3 certified programs.


PTPG Sanata Dharma Era (1955–1958)[edit]

In 1955, Catholic priests of the religious order of the Society of Jesus in Central Java and lay intellectuals decided to found a teacher training college. With the support of the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, Father Kester, the superior of the Jesuit missionaries, united the diploma courses in Education under de Britto Foundation in Yogyakarta and in English under the Loyola Foundation in Semarang into a higher learning institution and so was born PTPG Sanata Dharma on October 20, 1955. At that time, Sanata Dharma had four departments: Education, English, History, and Natural Sciences. The superior of the Jesuit mission appointed Father Nicolaus Driyarkara as the dean and Father H. Loeff as the vice dean.

FKIP Sanata Dharma Era (1958–1965)[edit]

In November 1958 Sanata Dharma was renamed FKIP Sanata Dharma (Faculty of Teacher Training and Education).

IKIP Sanata Dharma Era (1965–1993)[edit]

In 1965 the Faculty was changed into IKIP Sanata Dharma (Sanata Dharma Institute of Teacher Training and Education). Since 1979 this institute has run a Bachelor and Diploma programs in Mathematics, Physics, Indonesian, English, Social Science.

Universitas Sanata Dharma Era (1993–present)[edit]

To meet the demands and needs of the community and the progress of science and technology, on April 20, 1993, IKIP Sanata Dharma was developed into Sanata Dharma University.


  • Rev. Nicolaus Drijarkara, S.J. (1955–1967)
  • Rev. Josephus Ignatius Gerardus Maria Drost, S.J. (1968–1976)
  • Rev. AM Kuylaars Kadarman, S.J. (1977–1984)
  • Rev. F.X. Danuwinata, S.J. (1984–1988)
  • A. Tutoyo (1988–1993)
  • Rev. Michael Sastrapratedja, S.J. (1993–2001)
  • Rev. Paulus Suparno, S.J. (2001–2006)
  • Rev. Paulus Wiryono Priyotamtomo, S.J. (2006–2014)
  • Yohanes Eka Priyatma, Ph.D (Present)

Undergraduate schools[edit]

  • School of Teacher Training and Education
    • Department of Guidance and Counseling
    • Department of English Education
    • Department of Indonesian, Local Languages, and Literature Education
    • Department of Economics of Cooperatives Education
    • Department of Accounting Education
    • Department of History Education
    • Department of Mathematics Education
    • Department of Physics Education
    • Department of Catholic Religion Education
    • Department of Primary School Teacher Education (S1)
  • School of Letters
    • Department of English Language and Literature
    • Department of History
    • Department of Indonesian Language and Literature
  • School of Economics
    • Department of Accounting
    • Department of Management
  • School of Psychology
  • School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
    • Department of Mathematics
    • Department of Physics
    • Department of Computer Sciences
  • School of Engineering
    • Department of Electrical Engineering
    • Department of Informatics Technology
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Department of Mechatronics (three-year diploma program)
  • School of Pharmacy
    • Department of Pharmacy
    • Pharmacist Profession Course
  • School of Theology

Graduate programs[edit]

  • English Studies
  • Religious and Cultural Studies
  • Theology

Certified programs[edit]

  • English Extension Course
  • Training for Interactive Communication in English (60-hour program)
  • Indonesian Language and Culture Intensive Course

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