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Coordinates: 35°23′57.55″N 133°57′20.74″E / 35.3993194°N 133.9557611°E / 35.3993194; 133.9557611

Japan Tottori MitokuSan Nageiredo DSC01248.jpg
Nageire-dō of Sanbutsu-ji
Basic information
Location1010 Mitoku, Misasa, Tottori Prefecture 〒682-0132
DeityShaka Nyorai, Amida Nyorai, Dainichi Nyorai

Sanbutsu-ji (三仏寺, Sanbutsu-ji) is a Buddhist temple in the town of Misasa, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The Nageire Hall (投入堂, Nageire-dō) of Sanbutsu-ji, built in the Heian period is designated a National Treasure of Japan.

By tradition Sanbutsu-ji was founded by the Buddhist ascetic and mystic of the late Asuka period monk En no Gyōja (ca. 634–701). En no Gyōja is considered the founder of Shugendō, a syncretic religion which incorporated aspects Old Shinto, Japanese folk animism and shamanism, Taoism and esoteric Buddhism of the Shingon Mikkyō and the Tendai sects.[1]

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