Sanch Procession

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The famous "Sanch Procession" folklore, once forbidden by the Church, is still celebrated in Perpignan, Arles-sur-Tech and Collioure.

The Procession de la Sanch (Processó de la Sanch in Catalan) is an annual ceremony in several towns in the French Catalonia (or Northern Catalonia). It occurs during holy week on Good Friday (or 'Vendredi Saint' / 'Divendres Sant') during Roman Catholic Holy Week. Historically, a distinctive peaked, masked robe is used to protect the identity of prisoners (from revenge by those wronged) being led to their town's annual execution. This practical ceremony intermingled with Christian traditions of Good Friday, and today a long procession of black-robed people are led in silence by someone in a red robe to the solemn tapping of a tambourine, as part of the Good Friday celebrations.[1]