Sancho, Count of Provence

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Sancho (1161–1223) was the count of Cerdanya from 1168, Provence from 1181 to 1185, and Roussillon from 1185. He was the youngest son of Count Raymond Berengar IV of Barcelona and Queen Petronilla of Aragon.

His elder brother Raymond Berengar III of Provence ceded Cerdanya to him in 1168. On Raymond's death, his eldest brother, King Alfonso II, named Sancho count of Provence.

In 1185, Alfonso dispossessed Sancho in order to make peace with the House of Toulouse. Nonetheless, Sancho continued to maintain the title of count of Roussillon. In 1209, his nephew King Peter II named him governor of Provence and lord of Languedoc. He was a regent for the young King James I.

Sometime before 1184, Sancho married Ermesinda of Rocabertí, daughter of Geoffrey of Rocabertí and Ermesinda de Vilademuls. In 1185, he married Sancha Núñez de Lara, daughter of Nuño Pérez de Lara and Teresa Fernández de Traba and step-daughter of Ferdinand II of León. By her he had one son, Nuño.

Preceded by
Raymond Berengar III
Count of Provence
Succeeded by
Alfonso II
Count of Cerdanya
Succeeded by
Title last held by
Girard II
Count of Roussillon