Sancta Maria, Mater et Regina, Seminarium

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Sancta Maria, Mater et Regina, Seminarium
Sancta Maria, Mater et Regina, Seminarium.jpg
Type Private seminary
Established 1999

Roman Catholic

Address Cagay, Roxas City, Capiz in the Philippines, Roxas City, Capiz,  Philippines
Colors White      blue     
Nickname Mariani

Sancta Maria, Mater et Regina, Seminarium (Saint Mary, Mother and Queen, Seminary), formerly St. Pius X Seminary - Cagay Campus,[1] is a seminary[2] of the Archdiocese of Capiz, Philippines and one of the schools in Capiz. It is home to the Archdiocese's Philosophy and Theology seminarians. It has produced eighteen priests and three deacons in its eleven years of existence. SMMRS was founded by the former Archbishop of Capiz, Most Rev. Onesimo C. Gordoncillo, D.D.[3]


In 1999, the college of St. Pius X Seminary transferred in Cagay,[4] Roxas City, Capiz and named the school Sancta Maria, Mater et Regina, Seminarium (SMMRS) in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.[5]


  • Rector: Very Rev. Fr. Regie A. Pamposa,
  • Vice-Rector: Rev. Fr. Joseph Bernie A. Barrios,
  • Procurator, SPFY Director: Rev. Fr. Erwin B. Bombaes
  • Registrar: Rev. Fr. Noel Vincent B. Abalajon,
  • Spiritual Director (Philosophy): Rev. Fr. Noel Vincent B. Abalajon,
  • Spiritual Director (Theology): Rev. Fr. Jose Joedol Dorado,
  • Spiritual Director (SPFY): Rev. Fr. Everett Jeffrey C. Estrella,
  • Dean of Philosophy: Rev. Fr. Cornelio D. Delfin,
  • Dean of Theology: Rev. Fr. Victor B. Bendico,
  • Music Director: Rev. Fr. Marlo F. Abad,
  • Prefect of Discipline: Rev. Fr. Everett Jeffrey C. Estrella.

Pian Alumni Association[edit]

The St. Pius X Seminary Alumni Association, Inc., or PIANS, is a non-profit and non-stock corporation whose membership is composed of persons who have studied for at least one year in St. Pius X Seminary. It's not an ordinary alumni association because the seminary is not an ordinary educational institution created and incorporated solely under a national law, and regulated by the appropriate government agencies, such as the Department of Education and the SEC, but was also created under the laws of the Church and regulated by the Vatican, and administered by the bishop through his priests. Further, its purpose is not only to educate but also to train boys and young men for the presbytery and the future leaders of the Church.

Since the opening of the seminary almost 50 years ago, there are usually ordinations every year. Three Pians have become bishops. Though the association is composed of Pians (ex-seminarians), it is not a religious or ecclesiastical organization or corporation like the Children of Mary, Knights of Columbus and Couples for Christ.[7]


  • Seminarians from Sancta Maria, Mater et Regina, Seminarium are called Mariani (they are also called Pians).
  • Most students of SMMRS are graduates from SPXS, with the exception of some transferees from other seminaries in other dioceses.
  • Only St. Pius X Seminary and Sancta Maria, Mater et Regina, Seminarium have Latin and Spanish subjects in Capiz.
  • Aside from Classes, the seminarians from SMMRS are also grouped by Zones which were also named after the saints the pioneers chose during the seminary founding. Zones are like the seminarians' family next to the class. Zones are comprised by seminarians of year levels and members of each zones will always belong to the zone they picked even when they become priests or when they leave the institution. The zones are:
  • Heralds (Zone 1 - Saint Charles Borromeo),
  • Thomite Steels (Zone 2 - Saint Thomas Aquinas),
  • Jumon Knights (Zone 3 - Saints Simon and Jude),
  • Skull Bearers (Zone 4 - Saint Bruno),
  • Kikos (Zone 5 - Saint Francis of Assisi),
  • Magis (Zone 6 - Saints Isaac Jogues and John De Brebeuf).

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