Sanctuary (tour)

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Tour by Within Temptation
Promotional artwork for the Sanctuary tour
Associated album The Unforgiving
Start date 2 March 2012
End date 15 April 2012
Legs 1
Number of shows 17
Within Temptation concert chronology

Sanctuary Tour is a concert tour, predominantly acoustic, by Dutch symphonic rock band Within Temptation in support of their fifth studio album, The Unforgiving, released by Roadrunner Records on 25 March 2011. This is their eight tour and the third passing over theaters.


On 16 December, Within Temptation announced that their 2012 acoustic Dutch theatre shows would form part of The Unforgiving Tour, featuring electric renditions of the album's songs.[1] On the first of March 2012, the band announced that the acoustic performances will be called the Sanctuary Tour, and will have a concept. Den Adel stated in the band official website that "When selecting and listening to our songs we noticed how well they fit together and how much they have in common, both stylistically and lyrically. More and more, we also realized that by putting these songs in a certain order we were actually creating a story. As the visuals and movies we use during our shows have become a bigger and bigger part of our shows, this new story gave us the perfect opportunity to create new film material. This not only shows the story line visually, but supports the musical story as well."[2][3]


Scotland. The Highlands, 1895. A young boy, sick, is lying in his bed. He has been there for days now, infected by an unknown virus causing a dangerous fever. As the fever gets stronger, his consciousness fades away, further and further from reality. He slips away into a dream world. He is a grown man now; a warrior or Holy man of some kind; strong and determined. Traveling the landscape, which is enchantingly familiar, yet surreal and unknown. Now and then, when the fever stabilizes for a short while, the real world shines through. Sometimes in forms and shapes that fit his dream world -his mother, the doctor, the local priest… they all try to help him but seem powerless to do so. Though tempting, he is not quite ready to stay in this sanctuary, not ready to say goodbye… and so he travels on and on… searching for a way out. A price has to be paid...




  • Jonas Pap - cello
  • Isabella Scholten - vocals on "Our Farewell" (played on tape)
  • Robert Westerholt - guitar at Tilburg show


Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
2 March 2012 Almere Netherlands Schouwburg Almere
7 March 2012 Utrecht Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn
11 March 2012[1] Eindhoven Muziekgebouw
12 March 2012
14 March 2012[1] Zwolle Theater de Spiegel
17 March 2012[1] Tilburg Theaters Tilburg
20 March 2012 Breda Chassé Theater
21 March 2012 Heerlen Theater Heerlen
22 March 2012[1]
24 March 2012[1] Groningen De Oosterpoort
25 March 2012
26 March 2012 Roosendaal Schouwburg de Kring
29 March 2012[1] Enschede Stadsschouwburg
31 March 2012 Nijmegen De Vereeniging
5 April 2012[1] Rotterdam Nieuwe Luxor Theater
14 April 2012[1] Amsterdam Koninklijk Theater Carré
15 April 2012
  • 1^ Sold out


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